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Crossword Solver Puzzle Packs

Puzzle Express is proud to offer puzzle packs that can be used in Antony Lewis' program Crossword Solver. Crossword Solver is a free download. The beauty of the program is that with one piece of software you can solve crossword, word search, coded crossword, suduko and worduko puzzles. And it is platform independent so both Windows and Mac users can use it..

To see more information and to download your free copy of Crossword Solver, click on this link.


Once you have downloaded and installed Crossword Solver, you can use PayPal to purchase puzzle packs from Puzzle Express..

After your payment has been verified you will receive an email within 24 hours with links to download the puzzles you have ordered. Please be sure to check your spam filters and your junk inbox for this notification.

You may now use PayPal for purchases without having a PayPal account. Most major credit cards are accepted.  

After downloading the file, simply unzip it to see your puzzles. Copy the folder containing your puzzle files to your Crossword Solver directory. 

Please look further down the page to see some screen shots.

April 11 different types of puzzles Free Download
16 x 16 Sudoku (Easy) 100 puzzles $3.00
16 x 16 Sudoku (Medium) 100 puzzles $3.00
16 x 16 Sudoku (Hard) 100 puzzles $3.00
16 x 16 Combo (above 3 packs) 300 puzzles $6.00
Coded Crosswords* 100 puzzles $3.00
Crossword Puzzles 100 puzzles $3.00
Mini Crosswords 100 Puzzles $3.00
Mystery Crosswords* 100 puzzles $3.00
Sudoku Puzzles (Easy) 100 puzzles $3.00
Sudoku Puzzles (Medium) 100 puzzles $3.00
Sudoku Puzzles (Hard) 100 puzzles $3.00
Sudoku Combo (above 3 packs) 300 puzzles $6.00
Wordoku Puzzles* 100 puzzles, 3 levels $3.00
Word Search Puzzles 100 puzzles $3.00

*These are the same puzzles that are in the corresponding puzzle books.

16 x 16 Sudoku